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White Pine Precious Metals is focused on minimizing the negative social, environmental, and economic impacts related to mining and ore processing activities while advancing the interest of all stakeholders on the properties where we operate. We always aspire to be a community partner and be responsible for our activities as residents of the community.


Environmental Responsibility


Solar Panels

The environmental responsibility of mining operations and mineral exploration is protection of the air, land, and water. Our goal is to have a net positive impact to the environment and eco-systems of our operations by going above and beyond state and federal regulations and guidelines and taking stewardship of the property we hold.

We employ a proactive approach in our engagement with regulators and communities that our activities could potentially impact, inviting a sense of community, where the protection of the land and the creation of employment reach a balance that is equitable for all parties.

Social Responsibility


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We will be building lasting relationships with our community and neighbors. We believe in finding opportunities that will create long term value to the regions we operate while maintaining balance between economic growth and the welfare of society.




Governance is not only crucial for corporations, but also important for society. There is a growing recognition that there is a close relationship between corporate governance and social responsibility.

White Pine operates to a strong corporate governance framework. We see this as critical so the company can operate with integrity and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Our governance program and framework is overseen by the Board and ingrained in our employees.

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